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The iPad as a portfolio

As with many photographers I’ve been itching to have my portfolio on the iPad.

I’m using FolioBook, which is a deceptively simple and elegant iPad app for creating, managing, displaying and exporting galleries of work. As I write this post FolioBook is at v 1.0.3 and allows 3 galleries to be created and managed.

So far the developer has been very responsive to feature requests and bug fixes, and I’m told future releases will include the ability to create numerous galleries and also to allow portrait orientation.

Here are a few screen shots to give you an idea of FolioBook’s capabilities..

The home page, showing 3 portfolios and my branding imported as a custom background..

A portfolio page..

FolioBook’s portfolio edit window and menu. This is where images are imported, arranged and selected. Importantly images can also be exported via email from this window, at a custom pixel width and with custom copyright info and subject line..

The portfolio play mode transition menu..

The galleries configure menu..

And finally the DropBox app window showing my iPad Portfolio sub folders for image import in to the iPad..