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Glyder Fawr becomes a “Super Mountain”

This beautiful Snowdonia peak “has leapt into the ranks of “super-mountain” after amateur surveyors found it is a crucial 1.8m (about 5ft 11in) higher than thought. It takes Glyder Fawr in the Snowdonia National Park up from 999m (3,278ft) above sea level to 1000.8m (3,283ft)” (via the BBC web site)

This stunning landscape was the location chosen for a shoot I undertook a few years back for Siemens. People these days usually find it hard to believe that the model really did make the 6 hour round trip to the summit, and was not added later in post.

Both of these images were shot on an RZ67 loaded with Fuji NeoPan 400.

Client : Siemens.  Agency : BMB.  AD : James Packer.