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The iPad as a portfolio.. an update

A brief update to my previous post of the same name, from back in August.

As with many photographers I’d been keen to have my portfolio available on the iPad. It’s portability and excellent screen quality make a great tool for carrying, organising and presenting work. To help me with the task I’m using FolioBook, which is a deceptively simple and elegant iPad app for creating, managing, displaying and even exporting galleries of work.

The developer, photographer Paul Freeman, has been very responsive to feature requests, and the recent v 1.1 release includes the ability to create numerous galleries and also to allow portrait orientation. FolioBook demo videos can be found here.

While the iPad doesn’t necessarily replace a beautifully printed A3 portfolio, it certainly compliments it, and I’ve found it a great tool to have with you on shoot days, pre production meetings or when visiting clients..

Here’s a couple of v 1.1 screen shots..

The home page, showing my 5 portfolio categories. My branding is imported as a custom background..

How the new portfolio page looks, the status bar now gone, giving a clean and undistracted view..

Thumbnail navigation now available at the swipe of a finger..

For more screen shots of the FolioBook app, the previous post ‘iPad as a portfolio’ can be found here