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Profoto D1 Air Monolights

Profoto are using one of the images from my ongoing ‘People in Landscape’ portfolio series, in their D1 Air ad campaign.

I’ve been using the excellent Profoto Pro 7b battery system for many years now, and two summers ago decided to add a number of D1 1000 Air and D1 500 Air monolights to the inventory.

I’ve found one of the most useful features of the Profoto system to be the Air Sync Remote which allows complete control over the lights, right from the camera position. This is extremely helpful when lights are placed in in awkward, sensitive or inaccessible places.

The ability to save complex and repeatable lighting setups within the Profoto Studio 3 software is also a great help.

Profoto Studio 3 screen shot, courtesy of Profoto..

The Profoto D1 Air system ad..