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Neil Barstow’s in town

Having just taken delivery of an Epson Stylus Pro 4900, we needed to create custom ICC profiles for the papers we use, so we’ve had Neil Barstow in the studio for a couple of days, printing.. measuring.. printing and measuring..

Neil has looked after our colour accuracy needs for the past 10 years, from the days when colour management was in its infancy and few knew about Apple’s ColorSync or screen calibration, let alone what an ICC profile was. He has profiled our printers and scanners, and importantly supplied us with the optimum software and hardware combination to calibrate more monitors than we care to remember.

For those interested, our choice of paper for the portfolios is Hahnemühle Bamboo – 290 gsm. Natural White. 90% Bamboo fiber & 10% Cotton.

The results are not only beautiful, but also sympathetic with the tonal style and colour palette of Julian’s work. It’s no coincidence that this is also the paper of choice for his large format archival print work, as crafted by Jack Lowe Studio.

Here are some printer characterisation patches for your enjoyment..

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