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Photobooth, San Francisco

While on a recent trip to Northern California I decided to pay a visit to the Photobooth Tintype studio in San Francisco.

I’d read about them just over a year ago, and like many photographers I am fascinated by the Tintype process, and so when the opportunity came along to witness the process, and have a (rare) portrait taken, it was just too tempting to pass by.

Currently they are, in their own words “The world’s only Tintype and Polaroid portrait studio” and go on to say.. “We make authentic, wet collodion process tintypes right here in our shop, while you wait. Each image is a completely hand-made, one-of-a-kind art object – your image, rendered in pure silver, on an aluminum plate”

Julian Calverley © Photobooth, San Francisco. September 2012.

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