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The Red Lion – Preston

My friends Jo and Ray Lambe, recently asked me if I’d be interested in shooting a picture of the pub that they run, The Red Lion in Preston, Hertfordshire.

The Red Lion is special in many ways. Firstly it is the first community-owned pub in Great Britain, an idea that has been replicated many times since, secondly it has won numerous CAMRA Pub Of The Year awards, and thirdly they serve the most wonderful food.

The purpose of the photograph was to document the pub’s share holders, with the last photograph being taken some 30 years ago. So with the help of Mark Waters, who had the unenviable task of rallying everyone together, and farmer David Clark, who kindly gave me the extra height I needed using his forklift, we managed to capture everyone just before their AGM, and just before the heavens opened.

For more information on the pub’s history, the huge variety of guest beers they stock, and the truly excellent food, go here. You can also find them on Twitter as @RedLionPreston

The Red Lion - Preston  © Julian Calverley 2013

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