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Photographers For The Cumbrian Flood Appeal

I was recently invited to take part in the “Photographers For The Cumbrian Flood Appeal”

“The fells, lakes and tarns of Cumbria evoke deep love from all who visit them as a place of extraordinary and timeless beauty. So when the relentless storms of 2015 caused devastating flooding who could have been failed
to be moved by the plight of the people and animals of the region, as well as the havoc caused to the landscape itself?

Landscape photographer Mark Littlejohn, who lives and works amongst the fells, was moved to try and raise
some money to help his fellow Cumbrians. From his initial fundraising (which soon raised over five thousand
pounds) came the idea to sell some landscape photography prints to raise more.
Joining forces with Doug Chinnery, they started to approach landscape photographers around the country.
Without exception all who were approached wanted to be involved and we’re happy to donate prints for an

From this germ of an idea, grew the plan for a day of photography, walking and talking to support the
auction, along with an online auction to enable people all over the country to support the cause by bidding for images contributed by the photographers.”

So, here’s the important bit.. You can find the catalogue for the public auction here, and you can also find an eBay auction here.

Below are three of the four pieces that I’ve donated..

© Julian Calverley 2016

Julian Calverley © 2016

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