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Film For Land Rover

Back in January I spent a week on the Isle of Skye, shooting the all new Discovery 5 for Land Rover’s OneLife magazine.. see previous blog post.

While I was there, Land Rover commissioned the Progress Film Company to shoot a short film of me travelling around Skye, making pictures and discussing my landscape work.

As you’ll see the weather was suitably damp and dramatic, making the film all the more relevant to the conditions I actually love to shoot my personal landscape work in. While this was challenging for the crew, in particular the drone operator, it added that extra level of authenticity.

Client : Land Rover.    Agency : Spark44.     Director : Matt Hopkins.     DOP : Charlie Herranz.

Below is the finished film. I’d recommend watching it full screen, in order to fully appreciate the work that Progress put in to both the filming and the final sound and grade of the film..

Below is DOP Charlie Herranz working his magic, with director Matt Hopkins on flag and umbrella duty..

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