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Category Archives: Software

Talk At The Apple Store – San Francisco

I’m giving a talk at the Apple Store in San Francisco, on September 11th, 2015, at 6PM. I’ll be talking about my commercial work, my landscape work, and the work made on my iPhone. I’ll also explain how I use various iPhone and iPad apps to help me the with both the planning, and the […]

‘A Journey Into Landscape Photography’ A talk at The Apple Store, Covent Garden

I’m giving a talk at the Apple Store, Covent Garden, on August 12th, 2015. ‘A Journey Into Landscape Photography’ To register, go here.

Instagram – Suggested user

An extra large thank you to the Community Team at Instagram, who recently made me a Suggested User.

#IPHONEONLY Book – Now Available

I am extremely happy to announce that my first photo book #IPHONEONLY, is now published and available for purchase. The book’s designer, Les Welch, describes it as ‘a book for the people’ and with that in mind it was designed and priced to appeal to a broad audience.. young photographers and students, people that enjoy using […]

Me, myself and I – VSCO Grid

Over the last year or so, particularly when out and about on my own shooting landscapes, I’ve found that I’ve been taking an iPhone picture of the scene from behind my camera, a sort of memento of my being there, and always including the camera and tripod.. a lonely ‘behind the scenes’ picture. Anyway, as […]

Instagram on Flipboard

I’ve always been a big fan of the excellent Flipboard app, especially when used on the iPad. I’m particularly fond of the way it displays and interfaces with Instagram, which I recently rejoined. For anyone interested, you can find me here. Below are some screen grabs of my Instagram feed, from the iPad Mini..

Early morning recce

Up and out early yesterday morning to recce a couple of local wooded lanes for a personal project. I’m still enjoying the spontaneity of Instagram, so couldn’t resist capturing these lush green scenes. For those who like to know.. iPhone 4S processed through Niksoft’s Snapseed app..

Eerie quiet in central London

I was in central London this week for a portfolio meeting, and finding that I had some free time on my hands I grabbed a coffee and went for a wander. It was the fourth and final day of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations and despite the enormous crowds, some areas remained unusually deserted, mainly […]

Neil Barstow’s in town

Having just taken delivery of an Epson Stylus Pro 4900, we needed to create custom ICC profiles for the papers we use, so we’ve had Neil Barstow in the studio for a couple of days, printing.. measuring.. printing and measuring.. Neil has looked after our colour accuracy needs for the past 10 years, from the […]

The iPad as a portfolio.. an update

A brief update to my previous post of the same name, from back in August. As with many photographers I’d been keen to have my portfolio available on the iPad. It’s portability and excellent screen quality make a great tool for carrying, organising and presenting work. To help me with the task I’m using FolioBook, […]