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Category Archives: Stock

Forest Project

The first work from a new and ongoing project photographing forests, commissioned by my LA based executive producer at Corbis, Peter Schnaitmann. For those that like to know, the images are made from 3 stitched frames from my trusty ALPA STC & Phase One IQ180 MFDB combo. Larger versions can be found here.

Deep Blue Sea – Corbis Crave

Good to see my underwater work being showcased on the Corbis Crave site. Locations featured include the Red Sea, Bermuda, Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman..

Fisherman appears on QI

I had a particularly nice surprise a few weeks back when my fisherman image appeared on QI. I’ve always been a big fan of the show, so it was doubly rewarding.. Here’s a link to The QI Universe, and another to the original image, here.

Early morning fog

Out and about chasing clouds the other morning, not too far from home, when this rather eerie deserted children’s playground appeared from its foggy rural setting. The whole park was under a blanket of beautifully delicate spiders webs, revealed by a covering of fine early morning dew.

Uncanny pairings

People in Landscape work featured on the Corbis blog.. “Models who are integrated with their surroundings, yet stand in contrast. Earthy settings that feel otherworldly. An outstanding set of pictures that is both sleekly cinematic and richly evocative” Stylist : Natasha Freeman / LPA Style. Styling assistant : Rebecca Smith. Make-up : Sam Norman & […]

Corbis – Real People

Corbis again feature my work on their blog. “Given the trend to use models with a real feel to them, Julian and his production team went out to source some real people in their everyday environments”  Read more..

Corbis – Best of Creative Photography 2010

I’m very happy to see that 2 of my images have been chosen for the Corbis “Best of Creative Photography 2010” gallery, which was compiled by Corbis Creative Director Benjamin Benser. You can read more on the feature here. Below is one of my chosen images..

My Subaquatic Life

Corbis feature my underwater work on their blog. “The Subaquatic Life of Photographer Julian Calverley. Julian Calverley has been shooting commercially for over 20 years. While he’s mainly known for his landscape and lifestyle work, he also shoots underwater. Julian’s subaquatic work has been described as “atmospheric evocations of what it’s like to be under […]

Underwater work now on Corbis

My underwater work is now available exclusively on Corbis. Locations include the Red Sea, the Cayman Islands and Bermuda with more to follow..

More work available on Corbis

Pleased to say that more of my work is now available exclusively on Corbis